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Videochatting is a special job so we are here to help you considering your work place and the way the job itself takes place. We are prepared for you even if you do not want to share your personal information. In this case, to contact us we require some personal information, thing for which we want understanding. The computers you will be using have pre-installed programs alongside established and defined security protocols. Our studios will not be accessed from Romania and you will not use personal data to log in, but nicknames. Furthermore, it is not recommended to use social media through the computer used for videochat to avoid the risk of a sync-in with other sites.

NoBoss Studio

What do you need to be a model

If you fit in our description, you are at the right place!
We are offering seriousness, discretion and cleanliness!

  • The minimum age to be our model is 18 years and the maximum 45 years.
  • You must have an original and available ID card.
  • The disponibility of working with an individual employment contract.
  • Our studio hires exclusively girls.
  • You do not need to have the 90.60.90 measurements or to look like the divas from the magazines.
  • It is very important to have a neat and sweet appearance. Also you have to be sociable, smart and responsible.
  • Experience in this domain is unnecessary because we will teach you everything from scratch.
  • You must have a medium English level and knowing other foreign languages can be an advantage.
  • Minimal IT knowledge for using the computer is required.
  • Qualities required: seriousness, perseverance, creativity and willingness.

Your profile pictures will be taken in our studio so that the risk of being recognized will be eliminated. If you respect some rules definitely nobody will find out about your activity. You will be protected from all the malice of the world. Your friends won’t know that you are videochatting unless you tell them.

We are offering our models outstanding working conditions and we are investing in them because we are aware that they are the most important part of our studio. So it is not our luck when we hire a new model, but hers because she found a better place. Because of this we are very careful when we hire models. If you videochat, do it right. When you are 100% involved in something, the success is guaranteed. You can have a financial status that only a few do. You will be able to take care of yourself , be independent and able to put money aside, to buy a home, a car, to take care of your parents etc. We are offering you this chance!

If you think we convinced you to be our model and take part to our family, we will agree together on appointing an interview in which you will be shown the studio and our team. You will sign a confidentiality contract in which we engage not to use your personal data in any way or make them public. Moreover, if we would ever need to use your personal information, we will only after we have talked to you and got your consent. After the job interview the decision is yours. We will make everything we can for you to feel like part from our family.

NoBoss Studio