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You will benefit from a great team of specialized trainers


Huge income and bonuses depending on your performance

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Top model

We will transform you into a top model.

Your car

Apply and you can have your own car in a very short time.

Your home

We are giving you the opportunity to buy your dream house.

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What is videochat ?

Videochat can be defined through online conversations with different people from other countries. This can happen through personal computers and webcams.

Furthermore, the speakers pay a price per minute, and everything that happens behind the camera it s up to you. Involvement and earnestness are two major aspects that you have to provide being a model.

Videochat can be divided in 2 types: Non-Adult and Adult. There are people that only want to have a conversation with somebody or people who want adults shows. Everything is up to you, you do not have any obligation.

NoBoss Studio

Story files

  • I have been working in this domain for almost 4 years! Before I came to the interview I had been working with another studio for 2 years so I thought I knew very well what I was doing. Well, I realized I had a lot more to learn about this domain and even about myself! NoBoss Studio Team helped me rediscover myself, to make better decisions for myself in the first place! I have the best co-workers and we truly feel like a team!
    Laura G.
    NoBoss Studio
  • I really like my job and I’m not ashamed in any way. I’m proud of myself because now I earn my own money and I’m more relaxed. Think about it as a job where it can be very well and you don’t depend on anyone except yourself.
    Gabriela C.
    NoBoss Studio
  • Here the achievements are simply way above your imagination. I never thought I could possibly achieve so much in such a short period of time.
    Claudia H.
    NoBoss Studio
  • Two years ago I was working in a supermarket. Honestly, I can’t remember how I got the idea to find a job in this domain but I did it. I admit that the financial part mattered the most. Now, after 2 years I managed to raise some money and I’m not jealous anymore on my friends for buying everything they wanted with money from their parents. It was hard in the beginning and a lot of work but it was worth it. I got my driver license and shortly I will buy my dream car.
    Ioana V.
    NoBoss Studio

NoBoss Studio