We made a list with frequently asked question regarding the world of online videochatting.

NoBoss Studio

NoBoss Studio

What do I have to do to get an interview?

You have to call us or leave us a phone number at 0748.956.546. Alternatively you cand send us a message using the contact form or the online chat application.

How do I know I’m qualified for being an online model?

There are no studies for this – but there is work and training. The first thing you have to do is to contact us. We like to think that everyone is talented. We will have a talk and agree if we are going to proceed with our collaboration.

What is this interview?

Mainly we will talk about you, what you like to do, what do you want in life. It is not a technical interview, but more of a method of communication. Our industry is another branch of communication and the interview is no exception.

When can I start?

As soon as you have been accepted and we established the terms and conditions of the contract.

Where will I be doing my job?

In the beginning just in our studio. There is a possibility of working from home but you will be still working for NoBoss Studio. We can talk about a collaboration from home only after the training period.

How much do I have to work?

It is up to you. At first we recommend you to work up to 6 hours/per day. We advise you to arrive 30 minutes earlier to have enough time to prepare yourself for the chat session – outfits, makeup, hair – all o them are important.

Do I have days off?

The individual contract stipulates 2 days off/per week – in most cases at the end of it. Annualy, you have the right to vacation.

I have final exams. What do I do?

We will find a solution to your schedule that will let you take your exams. The working hours are flexible and our studios is open 24/7. We appreciate and encourage education. Besides, most of our models are students.

How should I dress?

It is up to you. In the beginning you will try what fits you best. You have to persuade, play a role. If you do not have suitable clothing, we will help you, inclusively financial, to buy them.

What do I have to do?

Our site contains complete information about videochatting in general. The customers are masculine, from all social classes, but with predominance of doctors, lawyers, managers and every type of entrepreneurs. You have to talk to them, to make them like you and spend as much time as possible with you. The chat is actually a flirt which can have sexual references. Often, people are online on our platforms just to talk, to get attention.

How much will I earn in the first month?

One of the last girls that joined us earned in the first month 1.750$ and being the happiest example. The smallest payments for starters are around 500$.

How much money cand I make?

The sky is the limit! A medium model, with edium experience earns over 2.000$/per month. Everything depends on your personality and your ability to please your partners. The best amount of money is from faithful clients. A successful mode, with experience cand make over 4.000$/per month. The sums are absolutely REAL.

I am not from Bucharest. What do I do?

First of all you have to come to the interview. In case we decide we want to collaborate with you we will try to find a solution for your housing and transportation depending on the distance you are from Bucharest. PS: We are offering free housing!

Do I have to look like a model?

This is one of the most frequent questions. The good-looking appearance is appreciated. You have to be groomed, clean and smart. Personality comes first, not the astonishing physical appearance. Money is made through the learnt skills, not entirely through physical appearance. There is a category of costumers for each typology, for each personality.

Where is the studio?

In Bucharest – in a modern and discrete building, very close to every mean of public transport.

Will you give me time to see if I’m good at this?

Absolutely YES. You have professional trainers at your service who will reveal you all the secrets of videochatting. In the first period of time we will focus on training. Although you will find out fast if you have any leaning to videochat.

What happens if I sign the contract and I dislike it?

We will end the contract jointly and with a smile on our faces. Our image as a studio has been built in time based on respect and friendship.

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