Videochat Earnings

NoBoss Studio

The earnings from videochat differs from a person to another depending on the abilities of the model
(the power of persuasion, smile, tenderness, seriousness, the English, French and German language skills).
The payment will be given twice a month, on the dates of 5th and 20th and the model will receive her money thereby:
– The first term 1-15, she will get it on the 20th.
– The second term 16 until the end of the month, she will get it on the 5th, the next month.

NoBoss Studio

Monthly fee

You will get 60% BONUS the first 2 months since the hiring

500$ – 1.000$ – you will receive 50%
1.001$ – 2.000$ – you will receive 60%
2.001$ – 3.000$ – you will receive 70%
3.001$ – 5.000$ – you will receive 80%
5.001$ – 10.000$ – you will receive 85%
over 10.001$ – you will receive 90%

We are not selling dreams – but we try to achieve them together – DREAMS

We are not promising hiring bonuses – but we help you to gain – EXPERIENCE

We are not promising 10.000$ – but we help you to earn – MONEY

We are not promising housing – but we offer it – GUARANTEED

We are not primising holidays – but we will spend time together – FAMILY

NoBoss Studio